How can I improve my hearing?

Follow the five simple steps below, to get you back on the road to better hearing.

STEP 1: Reach out to a hearing professional
You have already taken the first step to better hearing by visiting this website and researching the options for you. The good news is that this can be the hardest step for most people. It can often take people 7 to 10 years to get to this point.

STEP 2: Complete an initial FREE hearing test
A1 Hearing could not make this step any easier. We offer a FREE initial hearing test, with our in-house audiologists, where we will be able to help determine and understand the type and degree of your hearing loss. We will then discuss the options available to improve your hearing.

STEP 3: Full audiological assessment
If your hearing requires further assessment, A1 Hearing will schedule a full audiological assessment in our sound treated room or booth. In this assessment, different tones will be played for you. These sounds cover a range from low base to treble tones. You will be asked to indicate when you hear the sound by pressing a response button.

Your clinician will then determine the tones where there are deviations from normal hearing. This not only helps to diagnose different types of hearing loss, but also to identify a suitable hearing aid.

STEP 4: Hearing aid consultation

Once you have decided to learn more about hearing aids, we will go through your needs assessment process. We will ask you questions about your lifestyle and hearing needs. This will allow us to decide on the hearing aid features and level of technology that suits you best.

When choosing hearing aids for you, we take into account your:

  • Hearing loss and other physical factors

  • Lifestyle and your hearing needs

  • Preferences (i.e. what the hearing aid will look like or specific functionality)

  • Funding and budget (you may be eligible for funding from a government agency)

STEP 5: Hearing aid fittings and programming

The importance of a properly fitted and programmed hearing aid cannot be emphasised enough, and our team will go above and beyond to make sure you get years of the highest quality and most consistent hearing possible from your hearing devices.

The fitting and programming period is the single most important series of appointments you will have with A1 Hearing. As each type of hearing loss is different and can affect individuals in a variety of ways, it takes extreme precision and accuracy to program your hearing aids precisely for your needs.

We programme your hearing aids by connecting them to a computer which calculates the amount of amplification you require using your audiogram as a guide. We then utilise Real Ear Measurement to check the level of sound being delivered right near your eardrum. We never want our patients to accept substandard results, so we take the time to carefully assess how your hearing needs compare to the functionality of your device.

While it can still take some time to adjust to the robust sounds around you, you can rest assured that your hearing aid is programmed to your exact needs. During your hearing aid fitting, you’ll also learn how to take care of your hearing aids, including proper tips for cleaning, insertion and removal guidelines, and helpful ways to keep your devices performing at a high level consistently for years to come.

Time frame

We allow as much time as you require for you to adjust to your hearing aids. After the fitting of your aids we will see you a minimum of twice more to make any fine adjustments you require after you have worn them in the real world. We provide a six week trial period as standard and will ensure that you are totally happy with your hearing aids and they meet your needs.

“I love my hearing aids. They are so easy and I don’t even know they are there. Not having to worry about changing batteries is excellent. The small charging box works well.”
— Ruth J